SolTec Lounge is one of our busiest clients. When you create a product unlike anything that has ever been developed, education of the consumer is key to success. The SolTec Lounge is a recliner so different it had to pass FCC guidelines before it could go to market. We developed every aspect of the SolTec brand campaign from logo design to web design.

Deeper Arts has also created numerous print ads, brochures and large format graphics for SolTec. We arranged everything from the photo shoot through production and fulfillment of all print collateral.

Levang Inventory of Family Experiences

When Dr. Curt Levang first approached us he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do first. Like all good brand strategies, LIFE – the Levang Inventory of Family Experiences needed a logo, a website to call home, a social media presence and a little bit of traffic. We accomplished all of these goals in record time with minimal cost. Dr. Levang believes that his assessment tool will help thousands upon thousands of people to more readily identify the cause of their feelings while providing therapists with a reliable reference tool for successful treatment.

We listened to Dr. Levang’s requests and realized that he was the best person to write the script for his first video. It was perfect. We took it into our studio and used in-house talent to provide the voice-over. This royalty-free option is far more affordable for most of our clients.

Redesigning the website went hand in hand with the work we did on LIFE. While working with Dr. Levang we discovered that his other website had a pixelated logo, so as a bonus we recreated it as scalable vector art because we want our clients to look the best they can.

Nutrition Julie

Nutrition Julie is a full-on, change your life, juggernaut. Her pedigree stems from a father who grew fresh fruits and vegetables and kept bees to make honey to a mother who devoted her life to nursing. Her needs from Deeper Arts were deeper than most. Nutrition Julie is a holistic health coach and practitioner. Most people do NOT know what that means. The worst thing is, when they DO find out what that means, they are ready to run for the hills, reason being, holistic health coaching relies upon one thing for success, accountability. People must accept that they are the cause of their own suffering when it comes to diet. According to today’s definition of “diet”: food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: Most people don’t even understand the word diet. Nutrition Julie has created the Food First System, rather than what the average consumer might gravitate toward as a “diet”.

We are working with Julie to develop her Video Marketing Funnel as well as orchestrating a complete brand redesign from her former Sound Nutrition business.

Vine Arts Center – Pro Bono

Vine Arts Center is a non-profit cooperative gallery in South Minneapolis. Getting people to a show is one of the main difficulties the gallery faces. They operate on a shoestring budget and member volunteers handle the day to day business of the gallery.

Deeper Arts created a series of facebook videos promoting both individual and group shows. The result was a boost in attendance and a host of newsletter sign-ups, growing the gallery’s audience for email campaigns and facebook likes.

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