Imagine Your Story Animated

People love to watch animation. Your story can be brought to life with a variety of techniques from stop-motion to animated text and motion graphics. From animated logos and lower thirds to speaking caricatures, we have some incredibly entertaining ways to deliver your message.

Axel Dangerson Trailer – Barry McMahon for School of Motion from Barry McMahon on Vimeo.

Axel Dangerson Trailer Barry McMahon School of Motion is an animated trailer for a fictional animated series. Created by School of Motion, Animation and Story by Barry McMahon, this version portrays Axel as a Minnesotan, who loves the outdoors and innocently mingles with all of the species he encounters.

Be the Ice Sculptor from Barry McMahon on Vimeo.

Be the Ice Sculptor by Barry McMahon for School of Motion is an animated short for School of Motion. Created by School of Motion, Animation by Barry McMahon, this video is intended to encourage Motion Graphic Artists to learn techniques offered by the school. Barry, President of Deeper Arts, produced this final animation, using those techniques.

Higher Mind vs Ego

Try selling something that the creator doesn’t want to be sold. That’s what Deeper Arts is doing when Tools To Awaken  markets SolTec Technology. The inventor, CEO and Founder, Dr. Dan Cohen, is something of an anomaly. Dr. Dan believes that something this good will sell itself and the growing numbers of distributors and customers is a testament to that. Deeper Arts role in this ever-changing campaign is to keep people informed about the new developments in the technology as well as the discoveries made during the thousands of sessions conducted by the team at Tools To Awaken.

We created this video as a sort of introduction, explaining the origin of the technology as well as its goals and benefits. Dan Cohen wrote most of the script and chose to do his own voice-over. We turned him into a cartoon, bringing a more entertaining aspect to the truly revolutionary content described in the video.

LIFE – the Levang Inventory of Family Experiences

We used a combination of several techniques in this video. Dr. Levang wanted to introduce himself and loved the idea of having an animated version of himself doing the talking. We produced the rest of the voice-over in house and explained Dr. Levang’s methods using animated diagrams and sequences. Curt Levang uses this video to bring clients a better understanding of his process, the usefulness of LIFE and its roots in PBSB.

Addicted to my Ego

Deeper Arts has been working with Dr. Cohen for nearly ten years, since the very first project, a book jacket design. Now, Dan has released his third book, “Addicted to my Ego”. We arranged for one of the practitioners who use the BodySound Technology to interview him about this unique book and its assertion that all addiction begins with the ego.

There is a lot of material to cover on this subject, so we broke the interview up into three parts. This is part one.

Cloud by Lucky Pierre   –   Animation by Deeper Arts

This video uses the old-school frame-by-frame stop motion animation techniques with clay characters and cardboard buildings in combination with After Effects, Flash and Photoshop, creating a “feel” all its own. This style of animation is very time-intensive compared to some of the other techniques but it can really stick in the mind in a way that other styles may not.

Call Before You Dig – Promo

That’s right, we’re not immune to tooting our own horn! We decided that we should do a promo animation and song for one of our own posters. Why? Because we wanted to show you how ANYTHING can be enhanced with a good video. This poster is a classic. The artist has taken the iconic characters of BatGirl and Robin, married them off and dropped them into a typical domestic situation. This is certainly one of our most popular posters.

Estrella Solita – Internal Project

While testing out some new software, we created this video for singer/songwriter Jaye Beldo.

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